How to Make Mondays Your Best Day!

Don’t you just LOVE Monday mornings? It is the start of another hectic week! Oops, I forgot to pack the lunches. Oops, did I sign all the school papers? Ok, no! I don’t love Monday and I am sure many of you are with me on that. But what if? What if we choose to make Monday’s our best day? I propose that the easiest way to make Monday’s great is to get the focus off ourselves, and DO SOMETHING for someone else.

Recently, my husband and I were eating lunch on the second floor of a restaurant downtown. As we waited for our food to arrive, we both enjoyed looking out the window at the people passing by. It was a beautiful day and the neighborhood was very alive. As I looked closer, I was struck by the two homeless people I saw. The man was tall, with greasy hair, layers of ripped clothes and he walked about aimlessly. The woman was very elderly, with the same greasy hair and ripped clothes. Several people walked by them in that “I don’t see you” kind of way.

Then out of nowhere, another man came down the street. He wasn’t walking he seemed to be skipping. He had a contagious, continuous smile on his face. He stopped and spoke to the man first, greeted him, smiled and handed him a dollar. He did the same for the woman, as he skipped along on his way. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of the man and woman’s face. And I don’t think it was even about the dollar, it was the way he greeted them, acknowledging them in the midst of their struggles.

As he walked away, his smile grew bigger. You see the best way to have is to give. While I am convinced himself wasn’t his motivation, this guy was on to something profound. We are the most alive when we are doing something for someone else.


A Challenge:

Right now, wherever you are, think of the first person that comes to mind and send them a text. Tell them you are thinking of them or that you’re praying for them. Tell them what you appreciate about them. We all know what that feels like when someone does that for us. Sometimes those messages come at just the right time.


So ready, go! Make your Monday your best day, by making someone else’s day!

Please stop back to share your stories of what happened. Savvy?