Highlights From a Leadership Conference

“A person can only receive what is given them from heaven.” Andy Stanley. Everything we have, our talents and abilities, even our opportunities come from God. It is our job to learn what our unique abilities are, and to develop them, but we must remember they all came from Him. Embrace what makes you uniquely you and don’t compare with or try to be someone else.

“Love the calling you have, not the one you wish you had.”  Jud Wilhite. The truth is we all compare ourselves with other people. This comparison game is perpetuated and amplified by social media. Keep in mind that people are always putting their best foot forward and greatest strengths out there in their “online presence”. Behind every “got it all together” outside appearance is just a human being with weakness, fears and struggles. So our challenge is to find who we are meant to be, perfect it and celebrate our unique value we add to the kingdom.

“You can’t wear God out, everything you need He already is.” Priscilla Shriver This was a great reminder and encouragement! Priscilla talked about how sometimes we can become frustrated with ourselves when we fail or when we aren’t at the place we want to be. She then reminded us that God has been fighting for us from the time of the fall in the garden all the way to the cross. Our small struggles and failures aren’t too much for Him, and His patience with us never runs out.

Obstacles and moments of weakness are your greatest opportunities” Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm talked about his new book “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.” We’ve always looked at David as the underdog in the David and Goliath story. Malcolm argues that we have it wrong. David was trained on the sling and was an expert at killing lions and other animals that would threaten his sheep. Goliath as a giant also had a lot of weaknesses. He challenged us to think that obstacles and moments of weakness are our greatest opportunities. I have started reading the book and will do a full book review soon, you can get the book here.

“The Bible doesn’t say change your neighbor as yourself it says love them.” Reggie Joiner 
This was probably my favorite takeaway. Trying to change others to be who we think they should be really doesn’t work and it definitely doesn’t point them to Christ. Love your neighbor as yourself, and watch God’s love change them from the inside out.

[well]Which one these leadership lessons is your favorite?[/well]