There is Hope


At the end of December my daughter and I took a road trip from Buffalo to Charlottesville for a dear friend’s wedding… As we were driving I couldn’t help but reflect on the state of our country, and all the negativity. It just seems like its all one big hopeless mess…


As we drove and looked at this beautiful land, I was reminded that all the earth is the Lord’s. Sin and destruction and division are present and I am not pretending that there aren’t very broken things and broken people.

However, I for one refuse to accept all the negativity. I refuse to let it dissuade me from jumping in and doing my part to restore the broken things. To have and be joy. All is not lost…

As we drove, we made the usual gas station stops. Along the way we bumped into fellow travelers. Old and young. There was joy, there was laughter, there was family, there was adventure and smiles. When we arrived at our destination we stopped at local coffee shops, shared smiles with the staff… We visited historical sites that reignited hope in this dream that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am NOT saying that all possess that. Those are ideals. But they burn in my heart, and today I am fighting and doing what I can to end injustice…to be a humble learner…to listen to others stories…to admit biases, even my own that are buried deep down… and I am committed to that journey.

When we turn down the voices that divide us and incite anger and dissension, we can hear the sound of the song of restoration, the song of hope…there are many singing that song…and the chorus grows louder everyday…from sea to shining sea!

Join us!