Welcome & Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Welcome matey to Hope & Savvy!

I could not think of a better day to launch this blog than “National Talk Like A Pirate Day.”

So throw on an eye patch, learn some pirate phrases and have a little fun today.

But before you do, please take a moment to look around.

“ABOUT”  is a great place to start.


Why Savvy?

def. practical know-how.

Why Savvy? Well, Jack Sparrow of course. I have found I sometimes take life too seriously and I love Jack Sparrow’s whimsical (and often strange) outlook at life. In fact I find him weird and well I relate to weird ha ha, enough said. The point isn’t really Jack, the point is a light hearted continuous joke can lighten the more challenging moments of leadership and life.

The true definition of savvy is: “practical know-how”. While I am journeying myself, I hope to share my thoughts on experiences and things I’m learning along the way to provide encouragement to others.